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The Queen of


The Queen of Shiba has arrived from a far distant galaxy. She knows what it's like to go beyond the moon and Mars. She’s here to share her wisdom and grant us lavish gifts to our crypto-world before returning to her Planet Shiba. QUEENSHIBA is a defi coin on the Binance Smart Chain that’s hyper-deflationary and brings a new distribution tokenomics not seen on this planet.

Most defi coins that do buybacks do it on the fly. This means, once a coin pumps, most hodlers or bots pull out immediately. QUEENSHIBA teaches hodlers patience and to have diamond hands by pumping back BNB to real long term HODLers. Redistribution happens ONCE a day every 24 hours so it rewards the most faithful and loyal. Once we understand this, we will be able to fly beyond the moon to visit her majesty.

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What is Queen’s Wallet

and how does it works?

QUEENSHIBA has a special wallet called the Queen’s Wallet which gets refilled with 5% of all the transactions of QUEENSHIBA transactions.

Any QUEENSHIBA holder will be able to take out BNB from her majesty’s wallet once every 24 hours based on the percentage of QUEENSHIBA tokens they hold. (Minimum holding 1 Trillion QueenShiba tokens)

If you sold all of your QUEENSHIBA by’s not a problem. Buy again and you can get your BNB reward exactly after 24 hours!

Learn from The Queen of Shiba and see your riches grow.

How To Claim My BNB?

Instructions to
claim your BNB

1. Connect your wallet

2. If you have Withdrawable Dividends click on "Claim"

3. Set gas to at least 80000 to claim

4. Click confirm

5. After 1 minute, check your wallet for the dividends.

6. Refresh the Queen's wallet page your claim amount should be 0 and will slowly build up again in the next 24 hrs.

Go to the Claim page and simply have your wallet connected to our website, then click “Claim My BNB” button.

Claim My BNB


Token Name

Queen of Shiba




Total Supply


Stealth Launch


Burn 25%



Queen’s Wallet


Add to Liquidity





Queen’s Wallet


Add to Liquidity



How to Buy


Phase 1

  • Launch website to give people Solomon’s wisdom
  • Build social media with acolytes
  • Apply for listing on all the key major sites
  • Build community online
  • Launch aggressive marketing campaign
  • Ask community to come up with charities to giveaway

Phase 2

  • Get listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko and Blockfolio
  • Launch paid advertising campaign
  • Enlist the role of social media influencers
  • Air drop marketing campaign
  • Start reaching out to charities to giveaway

Phase 3

  • Get to 20,000 holders
  • Continue online marketing campaign and community building
  • Elevate social media influencers

Phase 4

  • Make a wish giveaway of free ticket with Virgin Galactic